August 14, 2008: "Replacement worked wonderfully for Ronit" - Iqbal Khan


An excerpt from his interview:

Iqbal is aware about the on-going trend of replacing actors and he is one actor who ”wouldn’t mind replacing an actor but only if the script, character and money is good. Someone like Ronit Roy replacing another actor has worked wonderfully for Ronit. But not everyone can guarantee success. I personally prefer to do a show that is fresh and new rather than replacing someone who has already been seen by the audience.“

August 6, 2008: Eye on the dance floor


Eye on the dance floor

Ronit Roy changes gear and decides to judge a reality show. In the near future he may even be seen on the big screen

He is known as Mr Bajaj and Mihir Virani, can dance well (proved in Jhalak Dikhla Ja 2) and is a favourite among television serial enthusiasts. The owner of a security service business that works with Bollywood’s top stars, he has few rivals in the television space. Ronit Roy is ready for a different experience as he takes on the responsibility to judge Aajaa Mahi Vay, a reality television show on Star Plus.

On the stage are 11 couples who are in love head over heels. The couples, or Dilwales, on the show, pledge their love before learning to dance. This is a test of compatibility which will throw up one winning couple to be married like in fairytales. Judging the bi-weekly show are Ronit Roy, Shweta Tiwari and Apara Mehta.

Every Friday, the top three couples perform to compete for prizes such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, home theatre systems, etc. (goods that come in handy for starting life together) and the jodi winning the least votes gets eliminated.

”On the show, I consider myself more a big brother than a judge. I am critical about every move but I also guide them to the next round of competition,“ says Roy.

But isn’t this just another reality show? ”I never think that way. On every show I have to do something different to keep audiences glued to television sets. We are not just talking about a few men and women but of couples who have problems and they need help. The course of true love never runs smooth, the saying goes. Dance is an expression of inner feelings, of bonding, taking relationship to the next level. Couples who can’t dance in sync, cannot remain married for 50 years! Since I am a perfectionist, I expect every competitor to take matters seriously.“

Roy is not a newcomer to reality shows. ”My performance has never wavered. Every show I sign up comes with a message. In Jalwa… I had to teach a small group and in the process had to scold them. Being a judge requires mental sharpness. One just cannot come on the sets and start shouting at contestants!“

Among his current shows are Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi that has been on for years and Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki, a show that saps any actor’s energy. ”Now that the show has taken off, it’s time to maintain pace.“

And Bollywood? ”I have been approached by a few directors and four scripts are at hand but nothing has been finalised. It’s not about big or small films but about meaningful scripts,“ rounds off Roy.

August 12, 2008: Softness Behind the Power: Neelam Bose Roy, on their 5 year marriage


Neelam Bose Roy, actress, mother of two, and wife to India's most popular television actor Ronit Roy really defines the belief: Softness is the force behind the power.

A tall lithesome willowy woman, her delicate demeanour in no way represents her strength of character, solid heart, and deep intellect. Shaaditimes caught up with Neelam in Mumbai recently to find out if motherhood, children and being Ronit's wife for five years has changed their lives and their love.

Ronit, for you all out of the Bollywood ghup shup, married the former model and television actress in a private and pious ceremony on December 25, 2003. Theirs wasn't a whirlwind romance as they had known each other for three years prior to their marriage and had courted with the dream to eventually marry one day.

Neelam With Ronit And Family They have two daughters named Aadore and Agastya who Neelam tells us consume most of her time. ''My life revolves around my children and Ronit,'' says Neelam. She clarifies, ''I am still in love with my man, my marriage and my relationship. I believe we have weathered some ups and downs, and life has been hectic, but it's also been generally good,'' she laughs.

At first glance Neelam appears glamorous and model-like, but as the interview progresses she comes across as a down-to-earth, no nonsense type of woman that lifts the idea of wife, mother and lover to her husband to a status of ''domestic engineer''.

She shrugs off the suggestion, ''Yes, both Ronit and I are very disciplined individuals though we may come across as playful,'' she admits. ''We lead extremely hectic lives under the scrutiny of the media which can be enjoyable and difficult both at the same time,'' she says and adds, ''I am the one that looks after our private space, our alone time. We don't get much time to spend together so we don't ignore a word we speak.

We appreciate each other and fight also.'' She continues, "Our private life isn't the glamorous life that one would imagines from a Bollywood couple. I make him a quick breakfast, and if he spends a half hour with me I am thrilled to be able to share a meal together. At night we light a candle during dinner after I have put the children to bed and try to re-create the romance in our lives."

Is Ronit a good father? "Ronit is wonderful with the children. I believe he is the best human on earth."

Neelam With Ronit And what does he have to say? "Neelam is the best woman, best mother, best person." Neelam gently reproaches him, "Its true. Flattery gets you everywhere."

What are the qualities she best admires in him? After mulling this for a while she declares without hesitation, "He's a good listener. Even nonsense things that I gibber off to him he listens to. And when I think he's really not listening he really is. I just wish we could spend more time with each other."

What is the chemistry they share? Can she describe it? Is it possible? According to Neelam, her upbringing has played an important role as is his. Neelam hails from an upper middle-class background. "We are three sisters, and we are an orthodox Gujarati family and the only advice my mother told me when I was younger was to find a career, whatever I wanted to do, but most importantly the most important decision of my life was to find a good man. And what she meant by that was not someone that was too monied, although money is important, but someone that would care and look after me and most importantly loves me more than I love him." She stops and then divulges, "Though I think as women, we tend to love our husbands unconditionally."

What if she heard murmurings of another woman especially since Ronit is devilishly handsome, and extremely charming? She pauses for a moment, "I hope and pray the same emotion should be inside me as I feel today. I am committed to my husband. My inner knowing says that day will not happen. Ronit will not disappoint me."

On a lighter note, what is the best day she has cherished with Ronit? "I think it was a holiday to Venice. We both were on the Gondola and Ronit started to serenade me with Hindi songs amidst the sonnets of the violinist."

She continues, "Each day we squeeze time to be together. When he's not filming we like to spend time with the children, having a quiet dinner, or just reading and holding hands. When he is filming I make it a point to send him a tiffin for his mid-day break each day. I instigate our off time. If I know he has a couple of days break coming up we plan to slip away even to Lonavala. I think we both need to rejuvenate."

Both Neelam and Ronit believe a healthy spirit starts with the body and they both workout at the Gym. "I believe it's important to workout and if Ronit is working out, I try to do the same. Our mantra is have healthy foods. We enjoy vegetables and pasta, also nice and spicy Maharastrian cuisine. We also try to pray together. He has a wonderful character and I think it's because of his strong belief in God," she says. Currently Ronit can be viewed on the Channel 9X as Bhishma in Balaja's epic Mahabharata.

August 22, 2008: The bro casting company


Rohit Roy is producing a film with elder brother Ronit Roy in the lead role

Vickey Lalwani

Ronit and Rohit Roy

Rohit Roy is set to produce a film with his brother Ronit Roy in the lead role. The film, a thriller, will go on the floors in December.

Rohit says, ”I have only four months to get this film on the floors. I am very excited about it. In a few days from now, I will finalise the director.“

Explaining why he cast Ronit, Rohit says, ”Ronit is a superb actor. I feel there are many good TV actors whose talent should be tapped for the big screen. I was particularly impressed with Rajeev Khandelwal's performance in Aamir and I have decided to cast at least one TV actor in every film that I will produce.“

Meanwhile, Rohit has signed a 10-film contract with Zoom. Each of these films will be one hour long. ”In these films too, I am casting a lot of TV actors. I have cast Purvi Joshi in one of them.“

Rohit is also set to direct a full-length feature film. He adds, ”I will soon be directing a full-length feature film for White Feather Films. It's an action film, but I can't reveal the details right now. After that, I will direct a film for Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Films.“

So far Rohit had co-produced films with Sanjay Gupta's White Feather Films, with this film he will operate as an independent producer. His earlier films are Pankh (starring Bipasha Basu) and three stories (Gubbare, Rice Plate, Puran Mashi) in Dus Kahaaniyan. Rohit started his own production house, Magic Works with his wife Manasi Joshi, a few months ago.



September 5, 2008: "I've learnt from reality shows"- Ronit Roy


Ronit Roy has come a long way from playing Rishab Bajaj in Kasautii Zindagi Kay. Currently, Ronit’s stint as a judge on Aaja Mahi Vay has made him quite popular with the participants. It’s a dance-based reality show which features 11 real life couples, who are fighting it out for the grand prize, a fully sponsored wedding. ”Though dance is the most important factor, compatibility between the couples will also play a deciding role,“ says the actor. As a judge Ronit says, ”I try not to be too critical as I know how difficult it is to listen to the judges ripping you apart in front of the whole country.“ Ronit has been a part of two reality dance shows before and believes that his dance training and experiences have prepared him to take up the responsibility of a judge. ”These reality shows are different from serials. There is a lot of pressure as there is live audience. I have learnt a lot from them,“ says Ronit.

September 7, 2008: "It's great working with Ronit"- Shweta Tiwari


An excerpt from her interview:

About the controversies regarding co-judge Ronit Roy she says, ”He is the best to work with because he is very professional. After Kasautii, we are together judging and it’s great working with him. Differences of opinion are bound to occur but that’s that.“

September 22, 2008: "My husband should be like Ronit Roy" - Ekta Kapoor


TV tycoon Ekta Kapoor has set the criteria for her ideal life partner saying he should be good looking, tall and handsome, in short, like Ronit Roy.

Ekta spoke when she was asked whether her infamous 'K' factor would be a deciding factor in choosing her husband as well.

”If he is good-looking, tall and handsome, the 'K' won't matter. He should be like Ronit - handsome,“ she said.

Ronit is playing Bhishm Pitamah in her mythological series Kahaani Humaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki and Ekta was here to promote the show.

Though she refused to answer any personal questions, she made it a point to clarify that she is ”not getting married to Karan Johar“. Rumours of her affair with the Bollywood filmmaker were doing the rounds for a long time.

September 23, 2008: "Ronit brings power and brilliance..."- Ekta Kapoor


An excerpt from her interview:

Dismissing suggestion that there were striking similarities between her serial and ”Ramayana“, Ekta said: ”There are no comparisons between the two serials. Mahabharat had more warriors than gods while Ramayana had more gods than warriors. In Mahabharat there were larger-than-life characters, while in Ramayana there were chequered characters. I chose Ronit Roy to play the all-important character of Bheeshma because the kind of power and brilliance that he brings to the small screen is tremendous.“

September 28, 2008: "It's human to cry"- Ronit Roy


An excerpt from an article:

The more tragic you appear, the better are your chances of making it through the finals. Do tears count more than talent? Actor Ronit Roy disagrees, "It's the human factor that makes everyone so teary-eyed. As a judge, I often have tears while judging Aaja Mahi Ve . I had tears in my eyes when a contestant's mother came to meet him on a wheelchair. I could empathise with a girl, whose father doesn't talk to her. The kids go through extreme emotions. When the spotlight's on you, it's tough not to cry."

September 30, 2008: Ronit Roy loves to keep it simple


Ronit Roy loves to keep it simple!

The B-Town reject has carved a niche for himself in the TV world thanks to numerous K serials, shows like 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa' and most recently the over hyped Balaji version of 'The Mahabharat'. No wonder the highly paid Telly star has turned out to be quite brand conscious!

Q: What does fashion mean to you?

A. It's normally the way you like to do things. It's as simple as that!

Q: Where do you mostly shop from?

A. I mostly shop abroad. I make it a point to splurge on things whenever I go outside India.

Q: Any brands you prefer?

A. I prefer Zara, Armani, H&M. I wear Italian shoes. My clothes need to be good and comfortable. I like simple clothes.

Q. While at home, you mostly wear…

A. I wear shorts, T-shirts and a track pant.

Q- How’s your gym wear like?

A. Again it would be a pair of track pants and a T-shirt!

Q. Do you go for the formal look at times?

A. Yeah, I like wearing suits.

Q. What's your casual look like?

A. Jeans and a shirt or a T-shirt.

Q- What do you prefer for evening wear?

A. Jeans and a shirt again.

Q-What about night wear?

A. Shorts and T-shirts.

Q: Are you an accessory freak?

A. No, the only accessory I wear is my watch.

Q: Which brand do you favor for footwear?

A. I wear Italian shoes which are very comfortable.

Q-Must- haves in your shaving kit…

A. It would be my razor.

Q: Which is the latest perfume that you bought?

A. Prada.

Q: Which colours do you think are a must in a wardrobe?

A. It would be black and white.

October 13, 2008: 5000 pounds at a go


Frequency: I only shop abroad. I have a fetish for Italian shoes.

Company: I shop with my wife because she usually travelling with me.

Damages: I've spent 5000 pounds (Rs 4,11,663 approx) at Selfridges, London, for a pair of shoes, jeans and bags for my wife.


October 14, 2008: Minting money on the small screen


Minting money on the small screen

Kavita Shyam looks at the relationship between television and commerce

They say, make hay while the sun shines. This is true for most of the established actors in the television industry who are raking in big moolah, thanks to their wide popularity. For actors like Smriti Irani, Ronit Roy, Hussain, Sakshi Tanwar, Ram Kapoor, to name a few, the producers have to pay the price they demand. In the television industry a rank newcomer is not paid well, which means a newbie joins a television show with remuneration as low Rs 3,500 to 6,000 per day but if an actor is recruited by the channel, he/she can easily start with a Rs 10,000 and above. Even if the production house happens to be one of the best paymasters, the new actors are exploited and start low, thereafter, depending on the performance, popularity and TRPs of the show they are given an increment. If the actors are signed on a show by a coordinator than the actors have to pay, 10-30 per cent to the coordinator till they continue to be in the show. Generally, the actors go to the executive producers of the show to demand a hike.

Cut to the popular actors, depending on how vital they are to the show’s TRP ratings, for them sky is the limit. Also depending on their negotiation skills with the production house and the channel, they can make their way laughing to the bank. Says a source, ”The actors are mostly paid in cheque. How much an actor is paid, depends on the budget given by the channel to the production house. Besides more popular the actor, more necessary he/she becomes to the both, the channel and the production house. Many a times, if the big actors become too demanding, the actors are shown the door. Balaji is the best paymaster to the established actors and its loyalists. The production house DJ’s are stingy in payment, recently the newcomers in their show Left Right Left, wanted a hike as the show was doing well, left without a choice, hike was given to a few actors, but eventually the s h ow ch a n g e d its track a n d brought in new set of actors. Hats O f f Productions keeps a tab on the timings of its actors, for over time not all actors are paid except the leading artists. Creative Eye, Cinevistaas, Shobana Desai, S a g a r Arts are also known to be stingy, with delayed payments and the yearly increments are not to die for.“

Smriti Irani, who struggled her way through sweeping floors and serving food at a fast food chain, has come a long way. Apparently, the actress had left Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi last year, as she wanted a major hike in her remuneration besides the differences with her mentor Ekta Kapoor.

Says Smriti who began her TV career with just five hundred bucks, ”With the tight schedule and the budget we have in our industry, I would say I had a lovely experience with all the production houses I worked with. Production houses spend money, depending on the talent that is being hired, caliber and how unique the person is to the project. The accuracy of payment, would determine how good a production house is. Now, the TV industry pays handsomely, and the working conditions are more conducive than what it was for us. Today, it’s more about the individual pay cheques, than commitment to ensure quality, it about money not creativity. There is a lot of competition, a lot of work and it’s the age of instant actors. So who ever gets meaty character, gets the dough. I was paid a modest amount in Kyunki… but then I did a role that will last me a lifetime.“ The Balaji loyalists like Hiten Tejwani, Ronit Roy, Anita Hassanandani, Ram Kapoor are the lucky few to be treated royally and end up getting meaty roles in almost all the major Balaji projects. Today, Ronit runs a roaring security company, is the highest-paid male television star, he has been raking in big money by virtue of reality shows as well.

Says Amir Ali, a Balaji loyalist, ”Everybody pays good, if you deserve it. People want to see you, so you are paid well. I have worked with Balaji and Rajshri's, I have been happy with both. I have grown as an actor and so has been my hike. I began with approximately Rs 15,000 per day, 3 years ago. Performing on stage and appearances, that’s where my major income comes from. TV industry has improved m a n i fo l d .

Finally it boils down to how much people want to see, determines your ability.“ While Aroona Irani, producer (A K Films), adds, ”Once a year we give increment to the actors but these days everyone wants an increment, once in 6 months. People think the TRP’s are going high, so the producer’s are making pots of money. Depending on the increment we get from channel, we hike up the remuneration for the actors. It is usually between 20-30 per cent. TV industry is booming and it’s paying well.“

Finance consultant for Balaji, Ashish points out, ”It all depends on how well they perform and if they can increase the TRPs. When they join a show, they also sign a contract which says that for one year, they cannot demand for any increment unless their performance is extraordionary.“ Laments non-Balaji actor, Gaurav Chopra, ”Individual interaction decides who deals with you and in what manner. Payments can be delayed or you could have a super organized producers. It is very subjective, your remuneration is also determined by your personal and professional relationship with the production house or channel. I began with approximately Rs 8,000 - 10,000 per day in 2004.“ Adds another source, ”There is a dearth of good actors, there are too many shows on too many channels, so producers are left in a lurch. An average actor gets to work in a show like in Bidaai, with Rs 8,000 - 10,000 per day. Big faces are limited, it takes time to create a face and name to reckon with, but the shows have increased. Producers want big faces as it adds value to the show, so they wouldn’t mind shelling that much and compensate on supporting cast. All actors are bound by a contract, at a particular rate for a certain period of time, so they cant demand a hike before that and cant work outside of the show.“

A production house spends as much as two lakhs, for creating a set for a special navratri or diwali episode. But for creating a new set for a fresh show the budget is generally over a crore. Sometimes, the channel also shares the cost of creating the set of a new show. But mostly, the producers spend money on the creating a set and then recover it once the show goes on air. This is not all, the actors also make money through stage shows during the various festivals, hourly appearances in India and abroad. So now we know who are laughing their way to the bank.

Per day, per show...

Smriti Irani - Rs 2,50,000 per day Aman Verma - Rs 30,000 per day Amar Upadhyay - Rs 75,000 - 100,000 per day Ronit Roy - Rs 60,000 -100,000 per day and Rs 300,000 per day for a reality show Sakshi Tanwar - Rs 200,000 per day Shweta Tiwari - Rs 50,000 per day Ram Kapoor - Rs 50,000 per day Iqbal Khan - Rs 60,000 per day Parmeet Sethi - Rs 50,000 per day Apoorva Agnihotri - Rs 60,000 per day Gurdeep Kohli - Rs 35,000 per day Hussain - Rs 70,000 per day, Rs 300,000 per day for a reality show Ketki Dave - Rs 25-30,000 per day and Rs 200,000 for a reality show Hiten Tejwani - Rs 50,000 per day Deepshikha - Rs 30,000 per day

October 16, 2008: They did make a mark after all...(An excerpt)



Indian television history is replete with actors who are remembered even today for their distinctive roles and performances. Harshada Rege lists the prominent ones

RONIT ROY: Ronit Roy managed to carve a niche for himself as Mr Rishabh Bajaj of Kasautii Zindagi Kay and Mihir Virani of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Playing Mihir was probably more of a challenge, because Amarr Upadhyay who had quit the show was on people’s minds. But Ronit managed to make a place for himself and now people seem to have forgotten Amarr. Ronit continues to be among the busiest guys on TV. He is currently seen playing Pitamah Bheeshma in Kahaani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki.

October 21, 2008: "Diwali is very private"-Ronit


'Diwali is very private'

Brothers Ronit and Rohit Roy believe in spending Diwali as a family. The actors say that Diwali is the only day in the year when the entire Roy family takes a day off from work just to be together and spend ample time with each other.

”I will be celebrating Diwali with my wife, mother, brother, bhabhi and all the kids of the family. None of us will be working,“ says Rohit.

Ronit’s wife Neelam says that like every year this evening too will end with a get together at their home. ”In the evening we will have Puja at home followed by a family get together,“ says Neelam.

Ronit and Rohit are also famous for their Diwali party which is a must every year. But Ronit says it is nothing special. ”Diwali has always been a very private thing, so it’s only the close friends and family who are involved in it.“

Rohit’s brother-in-law Sharman Joshi has recently bought a new house so there is an extra reason to celebrate in the family. ”As Sharman’s got a new apartment so probably this year we all might get together at his place,“ Rohit says.

Ronit and Rohit share a great bonding. The biggest example which supports this fact is that they don’t miss celebrating a single fest together. This includes their families too. Right from their wives to their kids, all of them are very close to each other. With husbands not around, wives Mansi and Neelam often hang out together.

October 22nd, 2008: "Not reality, cartoon films are most violent"- Ronit


Bigg Boss is a show that's creating a buzz alright, often for not so right reasons though on Colors channel. A recent FIR lodged by the Mumbai Youth Congress Committee has alleged that reality show Bigg Boss "bred vulgarity, indecency and indecent representation of women."

An FIR was also registered against three of the show's participants - Rahul Mahajan, Payal Rohatgi and Sambhavna Seth, who have been accused of behaving in an obscene manner, under Sections 294/34 of the IPC. However, the Bombay High Court has cleared the show of any obscenity charge.

It's an open world today with reality interesting everybody. That's the reason why reality shows on TV are doing well. So, while a comment filled with expletives may make many squirm, but it surely helps the TRPs of a show and make it extremely popular.

Says Sandiip Sickand, former creative director, Sony, who was the man behind the successful run of the first season of the reality show, Bigg Boss, "This show has a great format. We must also remember that the show is run by the inmates of the house. So, if there is anything objectionable, then it just reflects on the inmates of the house. It should not be construed that there is something wrong with the show."

Agrees Sambhavna Seth, a former house mate. Ask her if she felt that there was anything obscene on the show, and the voted out inmate says, "There are a lot of things that happen on a show in the heat of the moment. So, a reality show does not become obscene deliberately. I think it is up to the parents to ensure whether a show is fit for the viewing of kids."

While contestants and show producers may feel that a show per se is not responsible, there are others who feel that there are many programmes on TV, based on crime and occult, which are not exactly meant for family viewing.

Explains actor Ronit Roy, "In my view, some cartoon films are the most violent ones. It's not right to blame TV shows all the time. I have kids, and I have always believed that it is for the parents to lead by example. If we set the right example, then it's impossible for kids to watch shows not meant for them."

Given this scenario, are there any set of rules that constitute a family show? Says T N Vasanti, director, Centre for Media Studies, "There are a lot of guidelines, which have been framed by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, to which the media has not responded as yet. The ball is in their court."

"If these guidelines are adhered to, I guess many problems will be solved. That said, I feel the greater responsibility lies with parents. They have to decide what kids should watch and which show may contain stuff that isn't suitable for them." Vasanti says.

October 26, 2008: Forties are for me


THIS is the age of the living-it-up forties. If the twenties were 'metoo' times of peer pressure, and the thirties all about discovering how to

strike a work-life balance, forties are purely 'me time'.

Look at current hotsteppers on the movie scene, and the forties shine through. While diva Sushmita Sen says "I will look my best when I hit 40", actors Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar created such a nation-wide furore with their six-packs and toned physiques that it's often forgotten they are not in the same league as the Ranbir Kapoors they're often pitted against. And as Jagmohan Mundhra and Govinda hit headlines for their film Naughty @ Forty, a recent international survey revealed how people in their forties are the happiest. And if that's not enough, many men and women who've waited to find their dream mates are taking the plunge in their forties.

So, is 40 no longer a mid-life crisis? Entrepreneur Geetanjali Kirloskar, 42, rebuffs the suggestion. For her, it's a midlife boom. "I've never felt better. I've covered a lot of ground by now and am wiser for it." She's heralded the forties by taking up yoga, rifle shooting, learning Indian classical music, hiking"and much more".

Image consultant Tina Sutaria, 44, shares the sentiment as she now travels to her heart's content "since my daughters are older". She has joined a choir and also conducts personality development courses for multinationals. As she opens herself up to fresh experiences, she has also made new friends, after more than a decade. She says, "I have come into my own after 40. I am discovering myself and romancing life."

It's a liberating time for men as well as women as they discover success, happiness and the freedom to live life on their own terms, without fear of judgment. Like 42-year-old new mother Shalini Piramal, an industrialist's wife. "It was the most beautiful experience when I became a mother last year. Now, I am mature enough to handle my daughter and have enough time to be with her," she says.

Actor Ronit Roy, 43, currently ruling television, also believes he is much more at peace now. Money, fame, family... he has it all, but that doesn't make him com-longer exists. Hence, 40 looks less dowdy and more happening," says Roy. He works much more today. He runs eight kms per day and trains in martial arts, things he never did before.

As one grows older, the idea of fitting into someone else's idea of beauty also holds little appeal. This is the time when clothes and lifestyle both mirror the person within, rather than societal dictates. Says designer-entrepreneur Preeti Vyas Patel, "This is the magical decade that allows you to create a space for yourself. I am no longer obsessed with physical beauty, but look for the intelligent quotient." According to Sutaria, "I have the experience of four decades. I still feel young, full of zest and life. Because on the flip side, the fear factor of getting older makes you enjoy this time more. Also, you are secure and mature enough to explore options and pursue aspirations." Dipali Goenka, chairperson of FICCI (women's wing, Mumbai chapter), who is looking forward to being 40 next year, agrees, "It's only now, as I grow older, that I have become more conscious of my health and looks. It's only now when my daughters are old enough that I get time for myself which I dedicate to pursuing my creative passions like learning Kathak and enhancing my professional portfolio," she says.

The drive to push the limits marks this magical decade, just as adolescence brought forth an urge to rebel or simply express a joie de vivre. For 50-year-old Arati Gupta, "the charm of the forties lies in the fact that by now, you have seen the good, the bad and the ugly and become the person you are." Theatre personality Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal, who is on the wrong side of 50, offers a flip side to the picture. A doctor friend in the US, she says, underwent severe depression just when he was approaching 40. "But yes, generally speaking, post 40, you know exactly what you want out of life," she says. So, yes, 40 is rich with the happiness quotient... go on, live it up! 


November 11, 2008: Wind up Time!!


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A brief recap of the longest running soap on Indian television

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi started airing on October 3, 2000 and ran for eight years. The serial had over 70 characters spanning over five generations. In the last eight years, the saas-bahu saga, which completed 1834 episodes has won more than 78 awards in various categories. The serial also had its share of controversies when it showed Tulsi pulling the plug off Savita’s lifeline in the hospital. It raised issues of mercy killing and an episode which showed a pregnant Nandini undergoing s**-determination test, which had the women organisations up in arms. Mandira Bedi, who played the vamp, was killed off only to be brought back in the form of Achint Kaur. Smriti’s exit from the serial created a big brouhaha. Eventually she came back, but in the interim period, Gautami Gadgil played Tulsi. The serial saw three actors playing her husband, Mihir, starting with Amarr Upadhyay who was killed off few days after they were married. His death didn’t go down well with the viewers and he was brought back. But a generation leap had Amarr quitting because he didn’t want to play a old character. In came Inder Kumar as Mihir. He didn’t stay for long and was replaced by Ronit Roy. The serial ended on a sour note between the channel Star Plus and Balaji Telefilms. When star sent a termination notice to Balaji on grounds of low TRPs, the latter took the channel to court. Star, however won the case and the serial was taken off air on November 6, 2008.

Actors on Kyunki.. ending and what next

Ronit Roy: I am very upset because I was attached to the show. I have been a part of it for a long time. But I guess all good things have to come to an end and make way for a new beginning. It is something I am yet to deal with.

As of now, there is nothing new on the cards. I am still talking to people and reading scripts. However, I am not too keen on taking up a daily soap. There are couple of film scripts and a reality show that I am looking at. I have already shot for my brother Rohit’s film Blockbuster that is based on the film industry.


Hiten Tejwani: It should have ended gracefully, but it ended abruptly. I will miss shooting for Kyunki... But I have other serials like Mahabharat, so I will be busy with that.

Riva Bubber: It was a bit of a rude shock as the end came abruptly. I was working in the serial for the last five-and-a-half years and the set was like a home away from home. I thought the serial would go on forever. It’s really sad the way it ended. A lot of other shows that have been axed come to know of it at least a couple of months in advance but in our case we heard of it on October 20 and the last day of the shoot was November 2. That was very fast. As of now, I taking a break. This is the first time I am taking off after shooting every single day. But I am a little anxious about not knowing what’s happening next. I read that Ekta is concerned about the employees of the serial and I am sure if there’s anything for us she will call.

Tasneem Sheikh: I feel sad that Kyunki... has got over. I was /part of it for five years and it was like another family, with whom I am shared happy and sad moments. I have yet to come to terms with the fact that it’s over. Now that it has ended, I will be rejoining Kis Des Mein Hai Mera Dil as Daljeet. I am not taking up any other work.

Sumeet Sachdev: It’s ironical that the last day of Kyunki’s telecast aired was the first day I took out the DVD print of a short film that I have made. It is a 43-minute film that I plan to take to festivals. Kyunki... had become a part of my life and was I habituated to shooting for it a major portion of the month. Thinking positvely I will go a step ahead.

Reshmi Ghosh: I definitely feel nostalgic about the show. I have been in it for the last one-and-a-half years and the serial has given me huge recognition. I thought Kyunki... will go on for atleast 10 years. It is like going away from your family. But I guess someday it had to end. I am doing Nach Baliye, right now and looking at films as well as modelling.

Mouni Roy: My track wasn’t on for the last two months, nevertheless I was emotionally attached to Kyunki... and to director Gary Bhindre who passed away. It was my first serial and I expected it to run for 10 years. However, it has to end sometime and something new has to start.

November 22, 2008: TV's SRK returns to bada pardah


Mumbai, November 22: Ronit Roy is making his return to the big screen with Mana Films' Shingora to be directed by Jag Mundhra.

Loosely based on the TV film Shingora (1986) the film is tentatively titled Shingora The After-math.

The actor's best known 70mm outing was his debut flick, Jaan Tere Naam (1992).

Ronit was the only choice for the character played by the suave Marc Zuber in the original.

Producer Nari Hira's good friend Shobhaa De had challenged the publishing magnate that he couldn't get Roy to accept the film, saying that he was 'The Shah Rukh Khan of the television world' and that he wasn't interested in films.

So getting Ronit to do the film is a coup in itself.


Ronit who plays the protagonist in the film is excited about the role, "I was really impressed with the dedication of (Nari) Hira sir and Jag (Mundra) on the project.

They didn't treat it like a random film and were involved in the scriptwriting from start to finish."

Ronit who plays his own age says, "It's a bold film and will have the usual flamboyance of a Jag Mundra film.

It's a sensitive subject and will be dealt with aesthetically.

It's a story about the love life of a man and a woman and how it changes over time."

When asked what made him accept the project Ronit says, "I have always been inclined towards a good product.

Hira sir and Jag Mundra are brilliant people who know exactly what they want to do.

I look at this as a challenge."

This doesn't mean that Roy will take a break from TV shows, "At the moment I don't have a job on TV.

Also the industry has come to a halt with the strike and other issues. By the time things get back to normal, I would have finished shooting the film.

I would love to take up good roles on TV."

December 4, 2008: Ronit Roy backs the Mumbai Police


Ronit Roy, popularly known as Mihir, like all of us is traumatized and upset over the terror attacks that have rocked Mumbai. And while many of us continue to deride and question the authorities, Ronit says he supports the Mumbai Police one hundred percent.

"Mumbai Police is the best police force in the country! They are the most fearless and brave people. It is because of them we are always safe. I agree that they are under equipped but in terms of protection they are very good," says the actor.

Ronit himself owns a security agency called Ace Security and Protection which protects some of the famous Bollywood personalities like Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai. He believes that protecting known faces is very tough as well as challenging task and hence needs to be handled with extra care and responsibility.

Speaking about the concept of improving the security provided to the city, Ronit gives us an example of his company. He says he provides a ”three-stage training process to his security personnel.“

The first stage includes a group of people who will be trained in the field of protection with all protection techniques. Second stage includes training which solely concentrates on things like operational intelligence, risk factors and analysis, health and safety. The third stage how ever remains unrevealed.

December 4, 2008: Urmila plays the lead opposite Ronit


A comeback, again

Prithwish Ganguly

Thursday, December 04, 2008 23:59 IST

Six years after Kaante, Kumar Gaurav is set to return to the big screen again.

It is not just Ronit Roy who is making a comeback to Bollywood in Jagmohan Mundhra’s dark drama Shingora - The Aftermath. Kumar Gaurav too is scripting his big screen return with the movie.

Kumar’s last Hindi film was the action thriller Kaante which released in 2002.

Says a source close to the development says: ”Jagmohan Mundhra wants to re-invent Kumar Gaurav in a big way in the film and he has approached him to play the role of a media baron locked in a fight with a business tycoon to be played by Ronit. His character will be layered. The film will essentially revolve around these two male characters.“

Urmila Matondkar is being paired opposite Ronit Roy. The insider adds, ”Ronit’s Roy’s heroine will be played by Urmila. This character lives a dual life. She is a confident corporate woman in the morning fighting it out in a male-dominated industry. At night, however, she goes through a complete make-over as she hits the dance floors and lives life by trusting her instincts.“

Jagmohan Mundhra was not too forthcoming about the cast, ”As of now, we have announced Ronit’s name and we will announce the other names soon. For his partner’s role, we need someone to suit the character’s age which is over 30. It is true that there is another hero in the film who plays the role of a media baron.“

About the plot of the film Jag adds: ”The film’s plot is set in Mumbai. It is about the high life, the upper Mumbai. It is a world of cut-throat competition as well as many lies and secrets. That’s what I can divulge right now.“

December 05, 2008: Jaipurites love Ronit and Aman


When it comes to partying, it is hard to compete with the partying spirits of apna Jaipurwalas – they believe in making every evening even more special.

But this evening became even more distinct when stars – Aman Verma and Ronit Roy – descended on the dance floor of Venom leaving the pretty party hoppers skipping a heart beat and the men a little jealous. ”I am having a great time,“ said Aman, who was club hopping that night here.

Enjoy the Chill: With the Pink City witnessing the onset of the winter season the stars didn’t mind the chill. They ate, drank, let their hair down till the wee hours. Needless to say, they gave endless autographs and clicked themselves with the fans here, who were thrilled to shake a leg with their favourite stars. In fact, Ronit Roy was keen to be clicked with the PYTs of the city, and even decided to become the anchor of the evening for a while, and took to the mike.

Perfect Party Hoppers: Party hopping seemed to be the order of the evening for these hunks JT’s shutterbug captured them partying at varied places. And most of the party people

agreed that with time the party circle is Jaipur is witnessing a change, of course for good.

P.S. they share their bday on the same day too...LOL

December 6, 2008: Ronit Roy regularizes work hours


Today every one introduces themselves as TV actors. In a crowd of many, there are very few who can be spotted as true stars. And Ronit Roy is one of them. After being a bona fide `star’ for a few years Ronit has been shunting his TV assignments.

The actor who was once shooting for 18 hours a day, is now working on his own terms and conditions. ”Ronit has made it very clear that he will shoot only a certain hours a day. Beyond that, he has loads of other things to do like running his security company, working out and spending time with his family,“ says Ronit’s wife Neelam.

Like a dedicated actor Ronit worked round the clock when he was making an entry on TV. But now he has made it and has been enjoying his celebrity status. ”I’ll slow down when I feel like. No one can ask me to follow a time format,“ admits Ronit.

The buzz is that Ronit is not shooting much for his sole assignment on TV, Mahabharat . He has been spending more time organizing security for the top notch film starts like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Preity Zinta etc. This has irked the top creative’s in Balaji. But with the pace Ronit is moving ahead it doesn’t look like he cares much. ”I don’t have to prove myself to anyone,“ he says. We couldn’t agree more.

December 8, 2008: Farah Khan takes the initiative to fight terror


Post-26/11, Farah Khan and the Save Versova Beach Association are putting together a security model for two streets in Versova comprising 22 societies. Says Farah, "I know everyone's upset about the attacks but we are all running around like headless chickens. Even I have attended many meetings. The intentions are good but I wanted to do something constructive to channelise my anger into something constructive instead of just raving and ranting about it.

We should ask ourselves what we are doing for ourselves. If each one of us takes the initiative to just look after your own building, neighbour and street first then the whole city can become secure in itself." According to Farah, she doesn't know her local police station and fire department's numbers. She adds, "I don't even know how to administer basic first aid if someone is bleeding, burnt or hurt.

So now Dr Ramesh Agarwal, one of the most popular doctors in the city, will organise a first-aid camp for us. I should start learning first before criticising others."That's not all. Farah says, "Save Versova Beach Association and 22 societies in the two streets adjoining Nana-Nani Park in Versova is getting together to provide security by privatising it. Security agency owner and actor Ronit Roy came yesterday to give us a plan of how he can protect our streets from attacks.


Some features of the plan could include CCTV cameras, patrolling jeeps with guards at night and personalised fire-fighting units which ensure we don't have to depend only on the fire engine at Irla which could be busy somewhere else." Won't the plan be expensive? Will all the societies pay up? Says Farah, "Ronit is giving us the entire package in a few days after surveying the entire area.


People are willing to provide for their security. Also if 22 societies divide the entire package, it won't be that much. We're ensuring the security of our families' lives. We are also giving out copies of the addresses and numbers of hospitals of blood banks and local police stations to each society to post them in their building.

One of the members in our building, who was in the navy, is giving us fire drills."The Om Shanti Om director says it's not just about the 26/11 terrorist attacks. "These are all baby steps to ensure security. It's long-term planning for safeguarding against crime in our area. I've spoken to Kunal Kapoor and Zayed Khan for their locality in Juhu to implement the plan. They appeared very interested in taking it forward."

December 10, 2008: Places and Partners


Ronit Roy

Empty suitcase for wife’s shopping!

My favourite destination near Mumbai

Goa. I can go there innumerable times in a year, of course depending on my work schedule. I love the sand, the sun and the blue water. Goa relaxes you like no other place can.

My favourite faraway destination

Recently I took my family to Venice and we had a great time there, though Venice is under water now! When we don’t like flying too much, we go to Dubai.

My dream destination

Rio de Janeiro because of how colourful it is. I have also been planning to go the south of France for a while now.

My favourite travel companion

My wife and children.

Five things I must take with me on a holiday

Cash. My Visa card. My Master Card. My debit card. And an empty suitcase for my wife’s shopping!

I love travelling by

Air travel is faster and more convenient. With kids around, it is always more comfortable taking a flight than driving down or hopping into a train.

If it’s one night in Paris, my dream date would be…

Can’t think of anyone else but my wife Neelam. Maybe my mother. But no one else!

Quick takes with Neelam Bose Roy


Favourite restaurant

Spice at the Marriott.

Favourite bedroom line

Sleep well and sweet dreams.

Most memorable moment

The trip before we got married. We went to Goa. I had specially planned this for his birthday. It was a surprise and he had not clue. This is history because it happened almost six years earlier.

Challenges and triumph

His fan following. We love his fans. We need his fans.

On love

Ronit. Love is Ronit and my life is Ronit.


Definitely Ronit.


Something that doesn't excite me.


One of the emotions of humans. Though Ronit and I are not of that way. I have never wished I could have a body like someone etc... I admire people and think 'Wow! Fantastic!' but nothing with a bad thought.


Laugh it off

December 13, 2008: Ronit pleased to work with Urmila


Jagmohan Mundhra’s ‘filmi’ version of the cult video Shingora produced by media magnate Nari Hira has a star attraction now - Urmila Matondkar. The sassy actress has been signed opposite Ronit Roy for the lead role.

Jagmohan Mundhra confirmed the news saying, ”Yes, Urmila has signed on the dotted line and has given us dates from Jan 15, ‘09 for a start to finish schedule.“

A source reveals that Urmila’s character lives a duel life in the film. ”Urmila plays a corporate woman in the morning who takes on a male-dominated industry confidently, while at night she enjoys a bohemian life.“

Ronit Roy, who has a biggie in kitty after his telly stardom, is pleased to have a co-star like Urmila.

He says, ”We met on the sets of Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa where she was a judge and she really spurred me on. It will be great working with her.“

The film matters a lot to Ronit as he is making a re-entry into Bollywood after a long hiatus.

”This is a real big film for me after my debut with Jaan Tere Naam,“ says he as he keeps his fingers crossed.

When quizzed about his role, he tells us, ”I have not seen the video version, but I believe, from my interactions with Jag, that I will be playing the role that Marc Zuber played in the video hit.“

But television is something he does not want to leave in a hurry. He says that he will continue to work in television which was his ”’dal–roti’ for a long time“.

Urmila, who has had a lean period recently with the failure of her films like Karzzzz and EMI, will certainly bank on this film to give a new fillip to her career. And going by Jagmohan Mundhra’s claims, both the stars can rest assured of good returns. ”This is going to be one of my best films with other films like Naughty At 40 and Begunnah that are on the floors,“ said Jag.

December 14, 2008: "This is our dostana" - Mr. Amitabh Bachchan


Article added in the magazines section of "Ronit Roy News"


This is our Dostana'


…jokes Amitabh Bachchan while shooting with Ronit Roy

The Hitlist Team

'Men Of The Year' screams the headline on Showtime's latest magazine cover featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Ronit Roy together.

One is the undisputed king of Bollywood for over three decades; the other is the biggest phenomenon Indian television has seen in recent times. Two towering personalities from the world of entertainment — just the idea seemed fascinating enough.

Most amused

In one shot, photographer Subi Samuel wanted a more casual feel — he wanted the two actors to hold each other. One look at the reference picture and both Amitabh and Ronit were ready for it. They looked most amused even as they laughed their way through it. "This is our Dostana," quipped Bachchan referring to Karan Johar's recently-released film starring his son Abhishek.

Family ties

Not many people are aware that Jaya Bachchan and Ronit Roy's family go way back. Amitabh recalls, "His (Ronit's) family and Jaya's family were very close even before either of them entered their present profession. Jaya still talks very fondly of Ronit's father. Ronit, she says, is an exact replica of him. Ronit has a great screen presence. And since this term came about before the advent of TV, it would now apply equally to the TV screen presence as well."

Adds Ronit, "Like with every other actor, it has been a dream for me to work with Mr Bachchan. A few years back, I never thought TV would happen to me in such a big way. In the same way, in my wildest dreams, I never thought that my dream would come true so soon, and in such a fashion.

Vivid memory

"I wanted to be completely spontaneous for this shoot, so I didn't prepare in any way. This was my first shoot with him but I have met him on several occasions. This shoot was one of those moments in life – like the birth of both my children, which I will never forget. There are memories, and then there are vivid memories, those you can even see 25 years down the line. This is going to be one of those moments of my life."

December 28th, 2008: The Roy of Light


Roy of light

Ronit Roy will once again play the lead in Ekta Kapoor’s new show, Bandini

By Runna Ashish Bhutda

Posted On Monday, December 29, 2008 at 02:18:03 AM

Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy and Ekta Kapoor go back a long way. After playing Mihir Virani in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Rishabh Bajaj in Kasauti Zindagi Ki and Bhishma in Kahaani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki, Ronit will now play the lead in Ekta Kapoor's forthcoming show, Bandini.

Ronit confirmed and said, ”Yes, I’m doing a new show with Ekta.I consider it a privilege to once again work with Ekta’s Balaji Telefilms.“

When asked for details about the show, Ronit said, ”My son is in the hospital and I do not wish to talk about it now.“

We contacted Ekta Kapoor to know more about Bandini. ”The show is about a marriage between two strangers. I chose Ronit because he perfectly suits the age and stature of the character.

Ekta Kapoor

There will be a few new faces apart from some veteran actors from Gujarati theatre,“ she said.

While the shoot of Bandini is currently on its second stage at Sankraman Studio, Goregaon some portions of the show will also be shot at Bhuj, Gujarat.The show’s cast will leave for Bhuj on January 3.

Ekta Kapoor ... y-of-light

End of 2008 News...Happy New Year 2009!!