Ronit Roy – An Introduction

Ronit Bose Roy is a name that is synonymous with TRP topping Indian television serials. He is the biggest star on Indian Television, and the industry’s highest paid male actor.

Often referred to as the “Big B” (living legend and Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan) of Indian television, Ronit Roy has without a doubt lived up to that moniker. Whether he is essaying the roles of diverse characters such as Rishabh Bajaj, Mihir Virani, and Aparajit Deb, or setting the stage on fire in a dance competition, Ronit’s shows always pull masses of viewers to their television screens.

Whilst it may not be possible to totally cover such a storied life and career without writing a book, brings to you this introduction to the one and only Ronit Roy.

Early days


Born on 11 October 1965, Ronit Bose Roy is the eldest son of businessman Brothindranath and his wife Dolly Bose Roy.

Ronit spent his childhood in Ahmedabad (Amdavad), Gujarat. Although he never acted in school or college, Ronit was attracted to lifestyle and glamour associated with movie stars. During college years, based on his looks, people would often tell Ronit that he should consider becoming an actor. Comments like these fuelled his desire to chase that dream.

Upon completing his studies in engineering and hotel management, Ronit’s father bought him a ticket to the city of dreams – Mumbai. The address given to Ronit was that of none other than prolific filmmaker Subhash Ghai.

Mumbai... and Movies 


Upon arriving in Mumbai, Ronit stayed at Mr Ghai’s residence, and the two did talk about the possibility of Ronit joining the film industry. Mr Ghai pointed out to Ronit that it was a very difficult industry to succeed in, and that even established actors could lose their star value and appeal in short time.

Mr Ghai was like a father figure to him, and so Ronit took his advice found work as a management trainee at Mumbai’s Sea Rock Hotel. In order to have experience at all different levels, Ronit did work ranging from dishwashing and cleaning, to waiting tables and bartending. This wasn’t exactly the dream job that Ronit had made the journey down to Mumbai for... but he still worked hard nonetheless.


A year later, tragedy struck the Roy family during that time, as Ronit’s father Brothindranath passed away.

Shortly after the loss, Ronit decided to leave his job at Sea Rock. Within a few days of making that decision, he joined Mr Ghai’s production house, Mukta Arts, as an assistant director for prestigious projects like Jackie Shroff starrer Hero.

Realising that it would him take many years before he would be able to climb the tanks to become a director, Ronit decided move into freelance editing instead. Whilst doing editing work for Mr Ghai, Ronit also did some modelling and advertisement work.

During that time, Ronit managed to get his break as an actor on the big screen. After seeing him in an advert, director Deepak Balraj offered Ronit the lead role in Jaan Tere Naam. The movie released in 1992 and was a smash hit, having a silver jubilee run at the box office. Jaan Tere Naam gave Ronit the stardom that he had dreamed of since childhood.

In his next few movies, although Ronit managed to act alongside some of the biggest names Indian Cinema (Shah Rukh Khan in Army, Ajay Devgan in Hulchul, Akshay Kumar in Sainik), his movies did not manage to emulate the super success of Jaan Tere Naam.

Not one to be discouraged, Ronit decided to start afresh. Whilst waiting for the right movie projects to come his way, Ronit started his own security agency – ”Ace Security and Protection“<-- ACE website. Till now, the agency has provided security for top Bollywood stars such as Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Hrithik Roshan.

Some of the movie projects that ”Ace Security and Protection“ have also lent their services to are Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Yaadein, Na Tum Jano Na Hum, Saathiya, and Armaan.

Ronit acted in over 30 movies, including a few Bengali movies also.

However, Ronit’s best times where still ahead of him – he would soon get a calling that would eventually lead to him finding both superstar and iconic status...

The small screen finds its ”Big B“

After 3 successful years in business, Ronit received a call from the Balaji Telefilms office to offer him a part in their new television serial Kammal. Up until that point in time, Ronit wasn’t receiving offers movies that appealed to him. For that reason, Ronit was more that happy to make the transition from the big screen to the small screen.

Before Kammal got started, Balaji Telefilms also offered Ronit an 8 week cameo in one of their well popular primetime shows on Star Plus. The role in question was that of Rishabh Bajaj in Kasautii Zindagii Kay...

In 2002, viewers got to see Ronit Roy as Rishabh Bajaj for the very first time. The character was like none other seen on Indian television – a totally ruthless, yet suave and stylish middle aged business tycoon with a unique aura to him. The audience reaction to Mr Bajaj was so positive, that Balaji Telefilms decided to make Ronit a permanent part of Kasautii Zindagii Kay. As the storyline of the show unfolded, the charisma of Ronit as Mr Bajaj continued to scale new heights. Rishabh Bajaj had become a household name, and Ronit had achieved popularity which to this day has been unmatched.

The Ronit Roy era had begun.

As the Rishabh Bajaj craze continued to sweep the nation, within a year Ronit was offered yet another prize role – the role of Mihir Virani in Balaji Telefilms’ flagship serial Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

The role of the mild mannered and lovable husband of television’s favourite bahu Tulsi had previously been played by actors two actors – Amar Upadhyay, and later on, Inder Kumar. By that time, the character was nothing short of an icon – therefore, expectations were gargantuan. Ronit was given a timeframe of just 4 hours to decide whether to take the role or not.

Not only did Ronit take on the role of Mihir, he also managed to surpass all expectations. Whilst most replacement actors often find it incredibly difficult to find acceptance from the viewing audience, Ronit won over fans with his sincere portrayal of screen idol Tulsi’s loving husband.

By now, it was clear that television had well and truly found it’s very own ”Big B“.

Despite the phenomenal success of the above mentioned characters, Ronit still had more to offer… yet another significant and diverse character was ready to be unleashed – this time on Zee TV’s primetime show Kasamh Se.

In Kasamh Se, Ronit Roy assumed the role of the eccentric, yet ultra cool ”Andekha, anjaana, anokha, adbhut" Aparajit Deb. Ronit stormed onto the scene in April 2007, and as expected, Kasamh Se’s falling ratings suddenly showed a rise.

In his four and a half month stint on the show, Ronit displayed many different shades to his highly unconventional character – the character had everything from pure ruthlessness, to grey, to even kindness and affection. Proof of the appreciation for Ronit’s character was not just limited to impressive numbers in the TRP charts – Ronit’s performance as Aparajit Deb earned him the Indian Television Award for ”Best Actor in a Negative Role“.

In addition to the three award winning roles mentioned above, Ronit has also had successful roles in serials such as Kehna Hai Kuch Mujh Ko, Kavyanjali, Sarrkkar – risshton ki ankahi kahani, and Kayamath.

A new challenge – dancing! 

In September 2007, Ronit Roy added yet another feather in his cap by taking on the challenge of competing in the second season of Sony Television’s popular dance show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa – Dancing with the Stars.

Ronit was paired with Nicole Alvaris - a fantastic choreographer, specializing in latin dance. Together, the team put consistently put on a series of mind blowing performances. In fact, Ronit and Nicole’s team was one of only four teams that never registered a score total below 20 during their time on the show.

Unfortunately, Ronit and Nicole were eliminated in the 9th round of the competition. Even on his exit, Ronit was a class act – he left with dignity and pride knowing that he had entertained his fans and given the audience brilliant performances which they would remember for a long time to come.

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa II was eventually won by talented actress and fellow Balaji Telefilms stable mate Prachi Desai.

With a newfound passion for dancing, Ronit promised his fans that he would return and be part of yet another dance show when the opportunity presented itself.

In March 2008, Ronit fulfilled his promise by taking on the role of team leader for one of the 9 teams on 9X Television’s new reality show Yeh Hai Jalwa.

In this unique and exciting show, teams consisted of 5 members of the public and a celebrity mentor. Ronit’s team – Bindaas Bosses – had white collar professionals.

From the very first episode itself, the Bindaas Bosses set the stage alight, and since then, they never failed to give one powerhouse performance after the other. Whether the theme was Bollywood ‘item numbers’, patriotism, marriage, or a tribute to a legend, the Bindaas Bosses rocked the show every time!

Due to the overwhelming appreciation from both judges and the voting public, Ronit Roy and his Bindaas Bosses had made it to the finals of the competition. Joining them in the finals were supremely talented teams led by Hussein Kuwajerwla and Rakhi Sawant.

Ronit Roy and the Bindaas Bosses won as the 2nd runner up. Regardless of the end result, with such worthy teams in the final round, one thing was for sure – there were winners, but no losers.

In his blog Ronit mentioned that Yeh Hai Jalwa was his last reality shows in terms of the competition aspect of dancing, but he will continue to dance for his fans as and when the oppurtunity arrives.

Personal and family life 


By nature, Ronit Roy is a very humble, sincere, family oriented, cultured, and religious. In his interviews, Ronit often points out that he believes that his success is due to blessings from God, as well as the kind wishes of his family, friends and fans.

Ronit is a keen health and fitness enthusiast, and therefore he devotes a lot of his spare time to exercising and working out. He is also undergoes training for various ancient forms of martial arts.

As an actor, Ronit often has to shoot for long hours – in fact, there have been times where he has head shooting schedules which last over 18 hours. As anyone that has seen his on screen work would know, Ronit is undoubtedly one of the finest in his line or work, and his hard work is evident through the way in which he consistently able to deliver flawless scenes.

In the same way that he is 100% dedicated to work, Ronit is totally devoted to his family.

Ronit’s younger brother Rohit Roy is also an established actor in both television and movies. In fact, Rohit has even made his directorial debut with the short film Rice Plate as part of the movie Dus Kahaaniyan.

25th December 2003 marked a big day in Ronit’s life, as that was the day he married actress and model Neelam Singh. Since then, the loving couple have supported each other and found happiness like never before. Neelam often accompanies Ronit to the various functions and events that he attends. Ronit lovingly calls Neelam his CEO, due to the way she expertly manages everything from their home, to their business.

When asked about his proudest moments in life, it wouldn’t be surprising for a star to talk about some of the many awards that he has received for his work... Instead, Ronit’s answer to that question is, ”when my children were born“.

Ronit is the proud father of three – two daughters and one son. His eldest daughter Ona (from his previous marriage) was born in 1991, and is currently residing in the USA.

The year 2005 brought even more happiness in Ronit’s life. In the month of May, Neelam delivered the couple’s first child, Aador. Every once in a while, even little Aador can be seen accompanying her father to various events!

October 2007 was another landmark year for the Roy family as it marked the arrival of the Ronit and Neelam’s son, Agasthya Bose Roy.

Despite his unparalleled success and superstar status, Ronit has always remained very passionate about promoting the things that he holds very close to him - family values, and Indian culture. When writing messages to his fans, Ronit often ends his messages by asking them to give their parents a hug, and to always remember to look after them.

The Present...

In addition to his continuing role of the ever popular Mihir Virani (in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi), Ronit has landed himself the prestigious role of the legendary warrior Bhishma Pitamah in Balaji Telefilms’ latest production Kahaani Humaaray Mahabharat Ki.

The combination of Ronit’s work ethic and talent, along with the strength and significance of Bhishma, he has really done justice to this role of a lifetime.

Kahaani Humaaray Mahabharat Ki airs on 9X Monday-Thursday, at 9 pm.

Having participated in dance shows such as ”Jhalak Dikhla Jaa“ last year and "Yeh Hai Jalwa" this year, Ronit has since then mastered the art. So much so that he judged a reality show, ”Aajaa Mahi Vay“ along with Shweta Tiwari and Apara Mehta. Apara Mehta was then replaced by Saroj Khan. The show has been a fantastic experience for both Ronit and his fans as they got to see the great onscreen chemistry between Ronit Roy and Shweta Tiwari after Kasautti Zindagi Kay.

Ronit is now doing yet another serial with Balaji Telefilms titled, "Bandini", which premiered on NDTV Imagine on 19th of January, 2009, Mon-Thurs, 10 pm. Both the channel and the viewers have applauded Ronit Roy's performance as Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi with rave reviews. The show as a whole with an excellent ensemble cast is doing great for NDTV Imagine, and the best part of it all is that it doesn't seem like the typlical "Ekta Kapoor drama" . Its surprisingly different. Along with television, Ronit is also playing the lead in a movie called, "Shingora" to be directed by Jag Mundra opposite Urmila Matondkar. The movie will go on floors sometime in 2009 as well.

At 43 years young, Ronit’s influx of awards and accolades have showed absolutely no sign of slowing down over the years – in fact, Ronit has bagged big 3 awards during late 2007 and early 2008!

Ronit Roy’s loyal fans (the Ronitians) have every reason to believe that despite him already being recognised as the reigning superstar of Indian television, many great times are still ahead of him – possibly his best times.